Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We Had a Little Book Tasting!

We had a little Book Tasting recently (yum)! Memorial students had a chance to take a peek at our brand new books to see which ones they might want to read. Tables were "set" with tableclothes (thank you PTO) and each table was numbered with a sign (like at a wedding). Instead of place settings, there was a book at each seat. Before the kids got started, I modeled how to browse through a book, explaining that most likely there would not be time to read the whole thing.

Excitement was building - they couldn't wait to get started! Everyone went to a table and began "tasting" the book at their seat. After 2-3 minutes, I rang the chime which was the signal to begin looking at another book. We repeated this a few times.

We had put large sticky notes and pencils at each table so the kids could write down the title of any book(s) they might want to read. I had explained that readers always know what book they want to read next.

At some point the kids switched tables to take a look at different books. It was so much fun to see how excited everyone was. A few kids even asked to reserve specific books so they could borrow them when the tastings were over.

As for the sticky notes? The kids put them up on one of our beautiful windows for all the world to see which books they are planning to read and that we LOVE reading at Memorial School!

Take a look for yourself. Think we'll do this again? You betcha!

Oh, this new book smells sooooo good!
Kids loved putting their sticky notes with their favorite new books up on the window!

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