Do you have a collection you are very proud of and would like to show to your friends at Memorial School? Thanks to the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, our library has a display case that you can use!

If you collect something special like stamps, rocks, dolls, toy cars or even something you have made like legos, pottery, jewelry, etc., we would love to show your collection in our display case.  Your collection will stay in the locked display case for about 3 weeks.  You will need to make a sign or signs to tell about your collection.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and return to your teacher:

Name: _____________________________________________

Teacher:  ___________________________________________

Parent Contact info (email/phone #): ______________________________  

Name of collection: ___________________________________________

Tell us something about your collection: _____________________________ 



How many pieces? _____________________________________________

 The library staff will be in touch to let you know when it will be your turn and to give you more information about displaying your collection. 

 PS  This form is also available as a PDF in the Memorial Thursday Packet

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