Friday, December 2, 2016

So this happened...

AS many of you know, we have a Makerspace in our primary school library. We have been fortunate to have amazing support, financial and otherwise, from our administration and from the truly fabulous Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MCPE) who has funded Makerspaces in four of our schools.

One of the favorite items in our Makerspace are the Picassa Tiles, which are magnet tiles. Students come up with such creative ideas and work collaboratively to see their ideas come to life.

On Tuesday, a kindergartener built a tall tower - taller than himself! I told him he could leave it when the class left the library. Well, this tower caught the attention of almost everyone who walked by the library. Many (kids and adults) came in to see it up close.

Here is what happened the next day:

We have six scheduled classes each Wednesday. Of course, each group of new students were wowed by the structure. During Makerspace time, kids in each of the six classes added to and changed the tower. Amazingly, it didn't get knocked down.

Thursday we had four scheduled classes and the very same thing happened. The kids had so much fun thinking of ways to change and improve the tower.

Take a look a what happened to one tower over the course of three days and eleven classes!

Here's Neal Sonnenberg, Medfield HS Technology Integration Specialist, making his mark on the tower!

The structure is still standing, day four. Can't wait to see what happens with it next week....:-)

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