Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's OK To Make Mistakes

Have you ever made a mistake? This is a question we explored during library classes recently. 

First, students had a chance to talk about mistakes they have made when we did a Turn and Talk. As you can see, they had a LOT to talk about!

Then I introduced them to the book, It's OK To Make Mistakes written and illustrated by the fabulous Todd Parr.

We had a chance to "meet" Todd Parr and listen to him read this book.

From KidLit TV 
Lots of mistakes are made in this story. There's an "Uh-Oh" on every page! But as the characters learn, it really is OK to make mistakes, it's how we learn. Mess-ups, accidents and mistakes, they happen to all of us no matter how old we are. 

We finished our lesson by following step-by-step directions on how to draw Todd from Todd Parr's website.






I love this message of It's OK To Make Mistakes for so many reasons. But I especially love having this "uh-oh's happen" mindset in our Makerspace and in all areas of our lives where we're learning, taking chances, making guesses, experimenting and then learning from our own "Uh-Oh's."

Todd Parr ends his books with these words: "Love, Todd." I will end this post the same way:

Love, Randie ;-)

PS  Photo cred to Dorothy Redding

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