Sunday, April 12, 2015

David Biedrzycki was here! David Biedrzycki was here!

Memorial School students had a very special experience last week thanks to the generosity of our CSA - author/illustrator David Biedrzycki visited our school! Dave is the author and/or illustrator of many fabulous books such as:

 Dave spent two whole days at our school - how lucky were we! Students were so excited to finally meet him - he was greeted like the celebrity he is!

 Dave met with two classes at a time which made for a very up close and personal presentation. There were lots of laughs and learning as Dave explained his writing process and the really cool way he creates his illustrations (hint: he is a completely green artist!).

Here's one of the beetle families he made with each group - awesome, right?

And here are some beetles our students made in the library after meeting Dave using the computer program Pixie - again, awesome, right?

Yup, Dave made a  big impression on our students. This was one of the very best visiting author visits we've ever had. Prior to the visit, all of our students had been introduced to Dave's books and had learned a bit about him (including seeing a photo of him on his 1st day of kindergarten!) during library classes. Lots of students made welcome signs and were so excited to see him see their art work! Teachers read his books aloud ahead of the visit. In other words, the kids were psyched and knew exactly who he was when they saw him in the hallway. Dave is wonderful with the children. His sense of humor, energy and warm way were all perfect. We can't wait till he comes back!

PS  Recognize anyone in this page from Bear Alert?


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