Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Weekend of Work and Wonder (and Some Fun Too!)

I spent this weekend in my very favorite get away spot -in a house on a lake in Maine. We are in the middle of such amazing nature. The view outside the windows is always changing. The colors of the sky, the lake and the mountains can change by the minute. The various living creatures we are fortunate to watch continue to astound. The weather (I especially love seeing a storm come right to us from across the lake) constantly changes. And of course the brilliant sunsets - no two are ever the same. We have witnessed awesomeness over the years.

In addition to walking the dogs, reading and watching a bad movie, I tried to get some work done. I'm fine tuning my lesson for The Hour of Code.  This week and next we will be joining millions of students all around the world to learn about programming. I will be introducing all of our grade 1 classes to ScratchJr (more of this in a future post). I'm planning a Twitter session for our elementary professional development afternoon this Wednesday and I'm making the final choices for our Mock Caldecott unit. This is the kind of work I love!

But, there were distractions!  I so enjoyed watching the Hooded Mergansers playing and fishing in the water.  This is the only time of year I have seen them here.

Male and Female Hooded Mergansers
Photo credit:

And, this morning when I looked outside, I saw something I haven't seen here before: the moon setting across the lake:

Yes, it has been a weekend of work and wonder and it's still early Sunday morning. I wonder what today will bring?

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