Thursday, January 9, 2014

Introducing..... Symbaloo!

What is a Symbaloo?  It’s a new way to share our favorite websites with you!  A Symbaloo is a visual webmix or a collection of websites that have been carefully curated.  To date, there are three Memorial School Symbaloo’s: one for our students, one for parents and one for staff.  Here is what the Student Symbaloo looks like:

Each tile acts like a bookmark.  Just click on one and you will be taken to that website.  There are tiles for what I am calling, “Google Alternatives” or search engines that are safe for young children, such as Sweet Search, KidsClick!, KidRex and SearchyPants.  There are tiles that will take you to author websites (think literacy fun and games!) and lots more.

We encourage you to take a look.  Here are the links to the Symbaloo’s:

You can also access these from Memorial School webpage under the Academics tab. There you will see Web Links for Students and Web Links for Parents.  New tiles will be added whenever a great new website is discovered.

We’d love to hear what you think.

Happy Clicking!

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