Friday, December 6, 2013


What is iCollect! at Memorial School?  It's a program for our students to show off their personal collections.  It all started a couple of years ago.  I was remembering how much fun it was for my own children to have the opportunity to showcase their collections in our public library. My daughter displayed her My Little Pony collection and later on, my son displayed his Troll collection.  It was so much fun setting up in the library's display case and having patrons come see their prized possessions.  But, I also remember how long the wait was till it was their turn.  So, after talking it over with our principal at the time, Andrea Trasher, I got the go-ahead to write a grant for a display case from the MCPE (Medfield Coalition for Public Education).  They approved the grant and generously funded us purchasing a new display case for the library with lockable doors!

I created a form for interested students which is always available on this blog and in the Thursday Packet:

We try to display as many different collections as possible. Here are two from past years:


This fall, Abby, one of our first graders, displayed her shell collection.  She made a lot of very helpful signs identifying the different kinds of shells and where they were from.

Here is Abby setting up her collection before school one morning.

Here it is all set up.  What a beautiful display!
Abby's class came to the library to learn about her shell collection. We were all impressed by how much she knew about shells and by the great questions her classmates asked!

If your child has a collection they would like to show off, please fill out the form and send it into school.

We look forward to displaying many collections this school year!

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  1. I think this is such a wonderful idea. I had a built in display case at my old school where I displayed some of my collections. I don't have a space like that in my new school but the case you have would be perfect. I'm going to submit a request to my PTA when I get back from the break. Thanks for sharing this idea.


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